Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Stepping Out to Learn, Network and Take a Stand!

Have you ever dared to dream so big that sometimes you did not know if you were thinking straight or just out of the box of the norm? In our family we invite big dreams to be spoken and this coming October my son Wes and I are going to take a step towards standing with others for our dreams for humanity and the planet. We will be attending the Parliament of the World Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah with thousands of others from countries around the globe and people of faiths of many kinds!

What would be possible if everyone in the world listened, and saw one another as simply wonderful, sacred creations named human being? A creation that is sacred, divine, whole and complete just as they are? I not only stand in this, I envision it a reality. I see it as our future. It is my stand to the world that all human beings are be present to the sacred and divine essence of one another and working together in joy!

As a result of this, I was invited and encouraged to participate in the event as an Ambassador. An Ambassador stands in the possibility that together we can accomplish many things working together and we share about this. We invite people to attend the event. We engage in what it takes to bring people together from our communities to dialogue about the issues we are facing. We operate inside of a set of promises that allow us work together.

Have you ever stood looking in wonder of the Earth around you? Have you looked out across mountains, swam in a crystal clear lake, stared at the vastness of an ocean or smelled incredibly clean, crisp air and realized that this is your home, a creation for us to care for and cherish with love and respect? My son stands here boldly training himself to be someone who leads us into the future of being stewards of this beautiful planet of ours.

Wes is someone who has big visions and fears about the direction the health of our planet is taking. As a student he studies photography as a tool to capture this and educate others about building a sustainable environment. He majors in the environmental sustainability in the geography department of his university and minors in photography to learn to capture it. He has attended a high school where his entire course of study was environmental science. I know very few young adults who have dug into studying this since they were thirteen years old. At this conference he hopes to connect with world leaders working in their communities to shift things like climate change, creating clean water sources and engaging in the difficult dialogue that pushes at what needs to happen now! Not decades from now. He is inspiring to listen to and is so passionate about it all!

Sometimes thought, when these dreams are shared, the conversation can be exciting and then it is so easy to get hooked into only seeing that we may be reaching for pie in the sky. At this gathering however, people are putting into action projects that are achieving and making an impact in these areas. That is what we want to go hear and be in the middle of! To be inspired. To continue standing that this is all possible!

So over the next few weeks we will be using this space to post our experiences and photos from the event.

We hope you will enjoy the posts, photos and so on. We do ask that you remember that the photos and posts are ours, copyrighted and not to be shared without permission.

We look forward to sharing with you all!
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