Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Up, Up and Away We Go!

I left this morning to head to Salt Lake City for the Parliament of the World Religions. My son and I registered over a year ago and now the journey begins.

In many of the training and development programs I do they say you can have anything you want for yourself out of participating. For me I have this dream of human beings listening so profoundly to one another that the need for hate is not longer. That we are ready to build together and not destroy based on silly differences, labels or beliefs. For my son, saving the planet we live on is front and center. I often wonder if the two are not dependent on each other.....if we love ourselves, honor how we treat others them maybe we can link arms and get to work together for the environment.

What a treat to go this week to this event and spend time with thousands of people from around the planet committed to working together. Interfaith dialogue is an interesting place to take this kind of thinking on. I love the dialogues at this event. Sikhs, Muslims, Pagans, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, the First Nations, and so on gathered together, connecting, listening deeply to one another. 

This weekend another Ambassador at the event was looking for support on her workshop on storytelling. I said I would be interested. She was raised Pentacostal and is now a seeker as she puts it. She uses storytelling to work with people in Kenya and Uganda creating possibilities. Gangs in LA. and  much more. I am excited to step up next to her taking this on. 

I will write a little bit here each day as will Wesley. We will post pictures and share experiences.

So for now, I will sit back, enjoy the plane ride and get ready to rock n roll! Spend time reflecting! What have you harvested that you can share with those around you? What did you let go of to encourage your grow? Celebrate one another and the difference we all make each day!. Be sunshine for those around you! 

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