Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 2 - Women's Leadership, Gratitude for Nature & Emerging Leaders

This day was filled with feminine inspiration, the power of the great outdoors for healing the soul and the empowerment of young adult leaders. Needless to say Wes and I were very inspired! Needless to say we did not shoot many photos today. Being in the moment was way more fun!

Every issue globally is a woman's issue! Women live spiritually. They live from their hearts, their soul, their womb. They learn from a young age that their live is one of service to others. Learning to be caretakers, nurturers, facilitators of grow, birthing children or ideas into the world. It deeply rooted in our hearts.

A vast majority of work done in the planet every day is done by women. It is the work of service. There is a sense of loss when we cannot be in service. We are strong. We are empowerment.

Service is saturated by our faith in a divine presence not only in us but around us. It lives in women's lives. It breathes in every cell. Look at what women do every day all around the world. This kind of commitment does not exist in doctrines or beliefs, it is larger than that.

Violence to women is not just done by men. It is also done by other women and when it comes from another woman damage is deep. Courage can be lost. Identity can be shattered. Then it is very hard to become a political actor on the stage of life. Not politics as in governmental systems but in any system. We need to work together to create a movement. We need to welcome women into the priestesshood. We need to welcome the mothers in homes, women who want to lead, women who are healers, women who have dreams, welcome them into becoming priestesses in charting the path for healing this world and planet.

Why is it difficult for women to attain leadership in religion? We need to believe. All is takes is to empower one another, work with the men who are empowering and allow our dreams to take us over such that we are an instrument of the dream taking form.

From the is place I went to a workshop on women's ceremonies with Karenna Gore and members of the indigenous community. We had a coming of age ceremony for women who never did a rite of passage in their youth. Indigenous belief is that if you do not do ceremony for these transitions you will be stuck at that age.

I thought about the Wisdom Course I participate with. Wow! What if instead of collages we had ceremonies to create each phase of life to be complete. That could be amazing.

Wesley has been participating with Emerging Leaders. These are the youth who see themselves are change agents. Who want to take that one. Who are empowered to say I am the one.

He chose to participate with the group committed to environmental issues. He is loving it and learning so much. Very inspiring to watch him transform.

I see when more empowerment like this is important for us. Lots of reflection.
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