Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All It Takes is a Promise!

Since September I have been participating in a course I have wanted to do for many years called Power & Contribution. Not because I wanted power...I thought actually I had none and well for me, contribution was really about takers, users and giving one's self and money away and not really knowing where it went. Wow! I had so much past thinking and events in my life collapsed on top of two words I would come to embrace and love knowing they reflected totally who I am in this world.

So what have I learned...I have a promise for the world. One I might never see achieved in my lifetime. One that I have set in a time frame and may need to change a millions times. A promise so closely rooted in the core of my soul that I can live fully as who I am and not flinch an inch. My promise is all about empowering, inspiring and celebrating the wonderful and magical life each one of us lead. My promise as a result is that by 2025, all human beings will be present to the sacred and divine essence of one another and working together in joy! Simple, to the point and the context in which I choose to live my life.

So I have chosen to use this blog as an expression and a place to share what I learn living inside of that promise. Funny...I have had this blog space for a very long time. I never used it. I signed on to read blogs of my friends and family. I did not figure I really had much to say so a blog was simply silly to me. As I have participated in this course and listened to those around me I have learned something very valuable....do not listen to myself...my own tapes. They fool me, disempower me, and lead to by-ins that are no good. Instead of this, I have learned that if I simply trust and step fully into who those around me see me as I can do bigger things in life. I do not stay small. I can spread my wings and fly!

So this is for all of humanity looking to spread wings and fly! For those who think dreams are unattainable, silly, whimpy, irresponsible and something only little children play with. This is to inspire those who want to attain great things. For those who are looking to live life fully. For those who take every moment of life...good, bad, ugly, beautiful and use it to empower themselves and others to embrace every moment as a sacred and wildly great journey.

Why? 'Cuz...Life is Magic! Just open your arms and fly!
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